The Productive Writer

Taking regular breaks from writing hasn’t always been all that voluntary for me. Many times I’m just unable to write no matter what I try and I fill these moments by working on my WIPs in other ways besides actually drafting or editing. Usually that means I work on my worldbuilding and it leads to… Read More The Productive Writer


I’m Back!

It’s been a couple of weeks since I decided to take a little break from writing. Well, it wasn’t a complete break, since I did do some worldbuilding, but I allowed myself to just relax and forget about my WIPs if I needed to. Because I did. Honestly, it hadn’t been all that easy to… Read More I’m Back!


#ilovemyWIP and the theme FAITH

Today's #ilovemyWIP theme is FAITH. Has your MC lost faith in humanity? Does spirituality play an important role in your WIP? What about TRUST? #amwriting pic.twitter.com/9t6QZwYWda — R.Q. Woodward (@rq_woodward) May 28, 2018 //Disclaimer: this post might have minor spoilers For those who don’t know about this, #ilovemyWIP is a hashtag game by @rq_woodward (https://twitter.com/rq_woodward)… Read More #ilovemyWIP and the theme FAITH