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3 Weeks of hard work

For three weeks long, I worked double my regular hours at my day job. I’d expected it to be a hard time to get through, and though it had proved to be demanding, it turned out to have gone better than expected. I’m a little proud of myself, if I’m quite honest.

To explain a little, my health doesn’t allow me to do keep a fulltime job. I tried several times, but each time I got either chronic sensory overload or (autistic) burnout. Knowing this, I’ve set the rule for myself that I work three days tops a week on a regular basis or four for 3-4 weeks at a time.

Part of the success I’ve got to thank my amazing coworkers for. They’ve been better to me than I’d ever known in a place of work. They’ve been patient, caring, understanding, and open-minded. I’ve felt safe enough to tell them I’m autistic and when things overwhelmed me. It’s been an eye-opening experience these past weeks, but also these past months since I started this job. It’s changed me. For the better.

And now that I am back to my regular hours, I’m hoping to see this positive change influence my writing as well. Hopefully the productivity will spill over and help me (FINALLY *frustrated noises* ) finish Salandrine.

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