Well well well, turns out I have way too much to blog about. Since I’m a mess, I will be posting whatever comes to mind and I have the time and energy to write for. If you’re curious and haven’t seen any related posts to what I blog about, I write about mental health (particularly self-care at the moment but also have a few posts for Autism Awareness Month), worldbuilding and of course my own writing. I’m adding the thing I’ve been talking writing and living for the past years but for some reason never made it on here: diversity and representation.

So this is just a heads up from me. If you’re interested and want to keep up to date on only a particular topic, let me know. I might be able to make a newsletter you can subscribe to to receive all posts related to your chosen topic.

You can find my contact info on my about page.

You can find the overview for my blog series here.

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