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April Autism Awareness Month!

Happy Autism Awareness Month! This is a good reminder that it’s not actually awareness we’re fighting for now. We need acceptance!

So this month I will be talking about being Autistic on here. There will be mentions of things I (and I guess others) struggle with like ableism, masking, etc. But I will work to keep a positive note, or at least end each post with one.

You’d guess this would be a great month for us Autistic people but it’s not. It’s a painful and taxing one with people promoting and supporting organisations like Autism Speaks that are actually more like a hate group and work to eradicate us. It’s a month where we Autistic people have to fight against the dehumanizagion that only increases while people talk over us. So if you want to do anything this month, be sure that if anything it’s listening to actually autistic people!

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