Building Worlds

Building Worlds

As a speculative fiction writer worldbuilding is a pretty big chunk of my work as I work on my WIPs. Thankfully worldbuilding is a passion of mine. I love thinking up systems, cultures, histories, and more and see how they influence each other. I spend a lot of my time documenting the many ideas that… Read More Building Worlds


What’s Autism?

I was brainstorming what to write and where to start this month with Autism Awareness Month and whenever the thought passed through my head if I should make one on what Autism is, I thought it was a little redundant. People know what it is by now right? Wrong. Many people have no clue or… Read More What’s Autism?

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Autistic Pride Month readathon by Becca (@beccasbookrealm) on Twitter!

This month we’re not looking to raise awareness for Autism, we Autistic people want acceptance! We already get enough of the dehumanization, we need more celebration and a great way to do this is by Becca’s (@beccasbookrealm) Autistic Pride Month readathon! She’s collaborated with Kitty (@jellyfable) to make these beautiful graphics and for the bingo… Read More Autistic Pride Month readathon by Becca (@beccasbookrealm) on Twitter!