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I’ve added the introduction page to my new upcoming book MEET ME HALFWAY, book 1 of the Acing Love series. Go check it out and if you’re interested in this book on exploring intimacy and relationships while asexual in a queernormative and fictional setting filled with magic and rich worldbuilding, be sure to subscribe to… Read More New page!

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Pinterest Moodboard for “Salandrine”

Thought some of you would appreciate some aesthetics to my stories. There are a couple of sections in there to keep it more organized, like the palace, the city, and the characters. Want me to add something specific like settings or characters I haven’t added yet, let me know.


All about Salandrine: The original concept idea

The idea that started this journey into Mnaluria A story about an ancient god and an eccentric and Autistic folklorist restoring a forgotten religion. To be honest, whenever I think of this version, the original concept of Salandrine, I feel a little excited about writing that version too, someday.