Diversity & Representation

Diversity & Representation series

There’s no time like the present to talk about diversity and representation! Though it may seem like we’ve been over this already, it’s been made clear to me that we still need to have this talk, because some important factors are overestimated or missing. 

I’m talking about good intentions, respect, and actually caring. And I don’t mean the superficial caring as long as it works out for you, I mean actually, really, caring about people. Others are stilled in their fear of making mistakes. Others overwhelmed by how out of depth they feel and having no clue as to where to even begin. There are lots of reasons to keep having this conversation and there’s no point in pointing fingers, so I’ll just be opening up my mind here instead of speaking to anyone in particular. 

So, for context, I am a Black (biracial) Autistic and queer person but I don’t speak on behalf of anyone but myself. 

That being said, not all these posts will be heavy topics. Some will be about which books I liked and how well their representation was handled, while others will be about the effects of bad representation. 

As I add more posts to this website I will try to keep a masterpost up to date on what’s online and what I still intend to speak on. 

Here we go.

Why this subject

Well… I LOVE diversity because let’s face it, diversity is a beautiful thing and fact of life. It’s colourful, it’s interesting, it’s choices, and it’s what humanity is. Diverse. 

The beauty of diversity in fiction is that we get to see what life’s like for people unlike us. We get to live lives we could only dream of instead. And we get to see ourselves reflected on the page, feel seen, and feel a little less alone when we don’t get that from the world around us. 

Diversity isn’t a hype. It’s here to stay. And I’m all for it.

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