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Figuring out my author brand

I had this planned as a preparation for Patreon, but then after rethinking Patreon I started doubting again if I could pull it off. Can I write enough to pub little ebook which are long enough to make them worth my reader’s time? We’ll have to see eventually.

But working on my brand was always on my agenda. Now that someone started a conversation about it, I pushed it up my agenda. I started thinking again, what is branding and how do I approach it?

So I did a little research. I found Your writer platform’s build your author brand, and The creative penn’s A tale of two author brands, which both are very helpful. As for why the latter, I’m still figuring out if I might need two brands, one for my fantasy and one for my (fantasy) romance because they differ in sense of themes and atmosphere for most of my stories.

With a little help, I found sort of a rough draft for my author brand:

Speculative fiction author of evocative stories in fantastical worlds starring queer black and disabled characters. Let yourself be drawn in by melancholic and ominous mysteries or cute queer fluff.

What do you think? I’ll probably make some changes here and there as I continue figuring out what branding is and how to develop my own author brand.

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