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Graveyards with a solarpunk twist

Saw this post about forest cemeteries, which is a popular idea in #solarpunk (and some other groups of people) where the dead are buried with seeds and plants grow from the corpse. This way, cemeteries look like gardens or arboretums. It’s supposed to be good for the environment, looks good, and has some sentimental value as well.

Of course, here I was, going “that’s awesome for in my book!” but Mnalurians in #Salandrine already have a VERY efficient way of dealing with their dead, which is good for the environment, looks… impressive, and is surrounded by rituals.
Curious? Well, I’ve got good news for you then! Salandrine’s first chapter shows how Mnalurians deal with their dead and you can read it for free on my website. Read it here!

If you’re still infatuated by the idea of a cemetery with plants instead of gravestones? No worries, I’ve got you! I’ve got a short story I’ll be publishing next year, probably in a little collection. One of the stories from the collection I’ll put on my website for free, and you’ll be able to help me choose which of them it will be. I’ll prepare some descriptions and some details (subgenre, age category, themes, etc.) and all you have to do is share your choice!

Art: Entrance To The Sacred Tree By Artist *Industrial-Forest…¬†

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