Horror Collection

I’d always set out to become a fantasy writer, but I also believed in trying new things and expanding my skillset. So, one day I tried my hands at horror. Boy had I not expected how much I liked writing it, how much it suited me, and how I felt it could be a great fit for my developing writing style. The story I wrote that day is “Reap What You Sow” and it won me an Honourable Mention for the L. Ron Hubbard Writers of the Future contest in Quarter 1 of the 2018 year. Ever since, I’d felt more encouraged to let my more sinister story ideas spill onto page, and I plan to bundle these works into one collection of horror and dark fantasy short stories.

CW: Stories in this collection will deal with heavier themes such as depression, suicide, and abuse.

Current wordcount: 7400/30000

Future included works:

Colour of nightmares (previously: Painted), 2600 words, horror, completed | Painting is more than second nature to Noemi and her talent flourishes to otherworldly levels. So much even, than her passion births something wildly more unexpected than another masterpiece.

Reap what you sow, 2100 words, dark fantasy, completed | As Phaedra struggles to let go of her painful past, she learns it’s not only her roots that have dug in deep, but that the past has finally caught up to her as well. 

From Ashes to Ashes, 900 words, dark fantasy, completed | He’s got her tied up and ready to burn at the stake, but Ashe won’t give up. She’ll fight fire with fire. 

Darker than shadows, 1000 words, dark fiction, last revisions | Someone’s always crying, but when he goes to look all he sees is shadows. What will he find when he finally braves his childhood fears to investigate? 

Light the flame to dawn new day (previously: Burning souls), 800 words, dark fiction, completed  | Every day is a nightmare and all she has is the hope of a flickering flame to brighten her days.

Samhain (working title), 2250 words, dark fantasy, editing | Death, loss, faeries, magic; and one final attempt to heal her broken heart. 

Dark fantasy story | outlining | good vs evil, and morality and magic.




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