I’m Back!

It’s been a couple of weeks since I decided to take a little break from writing. Well, it wasn’t a complete break, since I did do some worldbuilding, but I allowed myself to just relax and forget about my WIPs if I needed to. Because I did. Honestly, it hadn’t been all that easy to do so, because as every writer who isn’t writing on a daily basis, I felt a little guilty. With how long I’ve been taking on Salandrine you can multiply that by some, and then some more because ADD and–hey, this is me!

This ingrained need to be productive and use this as a value system for how well I do as a writer is complete crap, but I know it’s a widespread problem. I know that as baby writers we have this idea of what it means to be a writer and what kind of future to expect, and I know that for most of us it is a painful lie to learn about. There’s A LOT I learned as I live the writer’s life and although none of it will be special or maybe even new to any or most of you, I’d like to share some things.

So I’m planning a series of posts sharing my experiences as a writer. I’m not promising regular posts, although I’d like to try. I’d rather not make promises I’m unable to keep. Some topics I’m thinking about posting about productivity, setting goals, taking breaks, writer’s guilt, finding (your place in) a writing community, critique partners, and more.

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