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LOVE POTION available on Wattpad

Good news! I’ve decided to share my short story LOVE POTION with you all on Wattpad. You can read it here!

It’s been a while since I mentioned this story. There are several writing updates where it’s mentioned, including how it won a Silver Honorary Mention from the Writers of the Future Contest last year.

On the story

LOVE POTION is one scene wherein the herbologist and mage Luella is working in her shop when a girl walks in with the request to make her a love potion. Impossible magic, but sometimes magic works in mysterious ways.

This was just a 1500 words short story, but it’s not the one where the story of Luella starts or will end. As one who’ll inspire legends across the continent and play important parts of the near future as well as their history, there’s a lot left to write.

A lot of that is still in the brainstorming phaze where I’ve got ideas, but haven’t really planned much yet. So far I know she’s involved with a famous tea plantation and teaproducer, has multiple magic shops across the continent, is involved with revolutions and uprisings to the eastern islands, and might be involved with a dark curse to save a dear friend’s life.

But for now, LOVE POTION is all I have finished of Luella’s story. I hope you’ll enjoy reading it 🙂

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