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Milestones met: novelette and representation

With this month mostly spent editing and revising I’ve managed to meet a couple of my milestone goals (as described in My 2019’s writing bucket list). During this month’s goal post I picked out several goals I thought I might be able to meet by the end of the month.

Goals met:

Which means I met the following milestones:

  • Writing my first novelette
  • Write a biracial main character
  • Write an Autistic main character
  • Write a main character with ADHD
  • Wrie an asexual main character
  • Wrote a bi/pan main character
  • Write a romance and fantasy mix
  • Wrote a story of any length that doesn’t feature romance

Previous milestones met: 50.000 words written!

It’s been in the workings since some time now, but I finally finished my basket of rewards for met milestones!

My basket with milestone rewards!

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