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Milestones reached: overview

Over the past months I have met some of my goals from my 2019’s Writing Bucket List for which I had some rewards gift wrapped. The idea of these rewards came from two places. First because I already made a box of small gifts from which I can pick one when I’m down. It’s a way to cheer me up when times get rough. Second was when I saw another writer use the box of gifts this way. Figured I’d do the same.

Image of envelopes wrapped with a ribbon and a pensil with underneath the text “Elisa Winther’s Another Milestones Reached! My journey in becoming a publisjed author.”

And this time, I finally have some pictures to share!

Productivity Milestones

First, my wordcount goals.

In February I reached my wordcount goal for 50.000 words written. I wrote a post about it (Milestone met: 50.000 words written!). Then last April I reached my next goal of having written 100.000 words!

Aside from wordcounts, I also want to finish more works than last year, which were eight! Guess it helps to write short stories huh. Anyway, we’re almost halfway the year and I’ve only managed to completely finish one story.

It used to be two as you can rad in my second milestones met post which was for finishing my novelette IN GOOD COMPANY and my short story FOUND BY A WANDERING HEART (a.k.a. LEGEND OF SAVANA). I was a bit early with stating they were finished though. After receiving feedback I’ve decided to do some final editing for the former of the two. That leaves my number of finished works in 2019 at one. I need to finish two more to meet my writing goal of 3 finished works.

Representation Milestones

Aside from being productive in how much I write (and actually manage to finish complete and polished manuscripts), I also want to write stories with good representation. As I’ve always missed seeing myself in the media accessible to me, I decided I’d write my own. Well, as one of the reasons I’ve chosen to write “ownvoices” fiction.

With me finishing FOUND BY A WANDERING HEART, I met my milestones for writing a main character who’s mixed race, as well as writing a story without any romance. I wanted that as a goal since although I love writing and reading romance, I’d like to try different things as well.

Here are the rewards I unwrapped for these milestones:

Four pictures, two giftwrapped presents and two upwrapped. Green iced tea, nail polish, notebook and a chocolate bar. Text that reads, “Milestone Rewards. For writing something without romance, a mixed race protagonist, and more than 100.000 words!”

What about you? Have goals you’re proud of having reached? Share them with the rest of us so we can cheer you on too!

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