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My December Writing Goals

Last month and a bit of this one I had a well needed break from writing, so as I wrote during My November Writing Goals post I had a quiet month. Or well, in terms of writing. During my travels and vacation in Aotearoa (New Zealand) I did get a lot of writing ideas, but jotted them down for later.

Image of a planner and the words, “Elisa Winther’s Wishes, Dreams & Goals. Reaching the stars.” underneath.

As much as I expected it to be a gloomy and rough month, November ended up being a month filled with warm memories, gorgeous subtropical visions, and pleasant welcomes. Trying to keep those sentiments alive, I’m hoping December will truly be a month of brightness despite the dark and wintery outsides.  

The numbers

Total wordcount for November: 2745
Projects: Cursed enemies to lovers (working title)

Of what’s to come

Because December is still a month filled with festivities and holidays I won’t expect to write much. I’ll try to work on my Cursed Enemies to Lovers WIP, but won’t set down wordcount goal. There’ll also be some story concepts to write down and outlines to write for other stories, but, no rush.

Coming January I hope to have all feedback for Meet Me Halfway back and start another round of edits, though as it stands I’m a little worried. I wasn’t able to get the WIP in as many hands as I hoped, some won’t make January, and then I’m worried the whole book’s plain rubbish…

This means I probably won’t make my schedule and have to pub it later than intended. Plus, I’ll either have to rewrite most of the book, or scrap it entirely and forget about it. If it ends up being the latter, I’ll pub the novella which would have been book 3 otherwise and send it to any newsletter subscriber who wants it.

Next steps

  • Write December’s newsletter
  • Write blog posts

Hoping it’ll be a good month! You can find my 2019 writing bucket list here.

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