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My February Writing Goals

We’re a month into 2020 and so far it’s looking like it’s going to be a challenging year, but despite that, my writing is going very well! Here’s to reflecting on how this month has gone write-wise, including wordcounts and setting new goals for February.

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This month I’ve been working hard on my Cursed Enemies to Lovers WIP. The WIP’s new title has been announced in my latest newsletter, so now I’ll announce it here as well.

Cursed Enemies to Lovers is now titled

As January has come to an end I’ve finished writing the first part of the book. It’s way more eventful than I’d first intended but I’m hoping it won’t be too much. Hopefully, some CPs will help me figure out the right balance it’ll prove a problem.

From action-packed chapters of infiltrations, magic battles, and the aftermath due to the cost of our protagonist’s magic, we progress into characters processing what happened and some much-needed wind down chapters of fun and a little fluff. We all need a moment to breathe after all. Well, those still left standing.

Aside from my dark fantasy novel, I’ve also finished working on its former chapter-one-turned-short-story. It’s called EVERYBODY NEEDS TO EAT and is my first completed work of the year!

If you’ve missed my writing progress reports the last month, you can find them below:

The numbers

Since January 10 I’ve been on a daily writing spree and though not every day had a massive wordcount, nor that writing daily is the best thing to aspire for for every writer, I’m happy with how it’s helped me progress. I’ve met all my January writing goals, written 29 days out of the 31 of this month and wrote over 36.000 words in total!

Total wordcount for January: 36.533
Projects 1: The Blood Maiden’s Covenant (Cursed Enemies to Lovers)
Projects 2: Everybody Needs to Eat

Of what’s to come

I’m hoping my health won’t take another swan dive into utter shittiness like it had recently so I can keep up my current pace for February. My Blood Maiden WIP still has several parts left to be written. Of course there’s still my MEET ME HALFWAY novel but I’ve decided with how things are going I’ll focus first on my Blood Maiden novel. Once it’s ready for CPs, I should have my ace novel back with feedback and have the time to give it the attention it needs again for editing.

Aside from novels I will continue writing short stories or flash fiction, hoping to write one per month. You can help me pick what to work on by voting the polls on this page. If no one votes, it’s going to be the story I mentioned during last month’s goals post.

Once I’ve written this book from chapter one to “the end”, I’ll start on one of my 2020 bucket lists goals: write a short story a month. I’ve already got an idea for which to go for. It’ll be a masquerade ball during Halloween, light on the fantasy elements, going more for a magical realism vibe, romance and a main character regaining confidence in themself. Should be able to keep that under 7500 words…I hope.

Next steps

  • Write February’s newsletter (sign up here),
  • Write blog posts,
  • Write at least 1.000 words for a short story or flash fiction,
  • Write at least 10.000 words for Cursed Enemies to Lovers,

Hoping it’ll be a good month! You can find my 2020 writing bucket list here.

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