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My January Writing Goals

Happy new year readers! 2020 has started and so I’ve got another writing goal post ready for us. Reflection of last month, how do I plan to start the new year? Read it here!

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Last December was like usual a very busy month with lots of holidays and festivities. This time we left the country for a 3 week travel vacation through New Zealand. It was great and gave many new ideas for several WIPs and concepts.

Looking back on the entirety of 2019 in terms of my writing, I didn’t finish as many works as I’d hoped, but I did work hard on several longer projects. I have to accept that producing books is hard work that takes a lot of time, at least for me.

The numbers

Total wordcount for December: 17.314
Projects: Cursed Enemies to Lovers (working title)

Of what’s to come

January should quiet down again in terms of social responsibilities. Things will still be busy with my daytime job though, but things have been busy in that department for months now. It shouldn’t keep me from starting 2020 with a great start for writing!

It’s also not like I don’t have enough to work on, I mean, so many projects. I’ll keep on focussing on my current WIP though, so most of my attention will remain on my Cursed Enemies to Lovers WIP.

Once I’ve written this book from chapter one to “the end”, I’ll start on one of my 2020 bucket lists goals: write a short story a month. I’ve already got an idea for which to go for. It’ll be a masquerade ball during Halloween, light on the fantasy elements, going more for a magical realism vibe, romance and a main character regaining confidence in themself. Should be able to keep that under 7500 words…I hope.

Then, once those two are done I will return to Meet Me Halfway. That book will be several levels of hell to edit, so I’ll probably need to take my time and butcher it, revaluing every aspect of it. Since I already have enough on my plate this month, I’ll keep it in mind, but not put it as a goal.

Next steps

  • Write January’s newsletter,
  • Write blog posts,
  • Write a short story or flash fiction,
  • Write at least one chapter for Cursed Enemies to Lovers,

Hoping it’ll be a good month! You can find my 2020 writing bucket list here.

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