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My June Writing Goals

A new month has started, as has the warm summer weather! On top of that, it’s Pride month, so perfect time to read and write books with queer characters, mermaids, summer love, pirates, sirens, and more.

I guess that I started drafting the prequel to IN GOOD COMPANY is well timed. It’s got a tropical setting, bathhouses, romance, and music-based magic. Not all of the above list, but some. I’ll be continuing drafting this, continue with rewrites and edits to IN GOOD COMPANY and I still have to work on SALANDRINE of course.

Anyway, here’s some news on my writing progress, how I did consider my previous goals, my new goals, and what to look forward to! (You can read my latest writing update here).

Image of a planner and the words, “Elisa Winther’s Wishes, Dreams & Goals. Reaching the stars.” underneath.

Looking back on May’s goals

Last month I decided on the following goals to focus on (last goal blog post):

  • adding new scenes to SALANDRINE;
  • editing IN GOOD COMPANY, IF ONLY MEMORIES BREATHED, and FOUND BY A WANDERING HEART since I’ve sent it for feedback and expect to have them all back this month;
  • write at least 10.000 words for WIPs, blogs, and/or worldbuilding.

I ended up adding 1462 words to SALANDRINE, and wrote 18184 words in total, meeting two out of the three goals I set for myself. I’m still waiting on feedback for both IN GOOD COMPANY and FOUND BY A WANDERING HEART (from different beta-readers), so am waiting for those to arrive before I start editing as well as finishing at least a first draft for the prequel to IN GOOD COMPANY.

Some time ago I mentioned having gift wrapped rewards for met milestones, but I’ve never actually done much with these. Starting this month, I’ll be adding these rewards to the Goal Posts.

My June Writing Goals

For the month of June I’d like to:

  • add new scenes to SALANDRINE;
  • finish a first draft for the prequel to IN GOOD COMPANY;
  • write at least 10.000 words for WIPs, blogs, and/or worldbuilding.

Hoping it’ll be a good month! You can find my 2019 writing bucket list here.

What about you? What are your goals for June?

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