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My March Writing Goals

Spring is around the corner but it’s still cold and stormy out. It is getting lighter though and that helps with the early morning drives to work. But, I’m not here to talk about the weather. Here’s are my reflections on how this month has gone write-wise, including wordcounts and setting new goals for March.

Image of a planner and the words, “Elisa Winther’s Wishes, Dreams & Goals. Reaching the stars.” underneath.

My main project for last month has remained The Blood Maiden’s Covenant. The short story of the month was my Masquerade story, which I’m very fond of! You can read more about how my writing went in the following writing reports.

I’d set four goals for myself, and I’m happy to say I completed all of them! I wrote a newsletter, blogged (though some were scheduled for March), wrote at least 1.000 words for a short story, and at least 10.000 words for my Blood Maiden WIP.

The numbers

Here are my wordcounts for February. In total I wrote almost 45.000 words! I’ve only written more in a month once; during June of 2019.

  • Week 6: 10.386 words
  • Week 7: 12.628 words
  • Week 8: 5.199 words
  • Week 9: 9.340 words

Of what’s to come

March will either have me writing lots or writing very little. As it’s going now, it’s leaning more into the latter. Like before, I will be working on a novel as well as a shorter fic this month. I also plan to submit something by the end of the month, so, root for me 🙂

Next steps

  • Write March’s newsletter (sign up here),
  • Write blog posts,
  • Write at least 1.000 words for a short story or flash fiction,
  • Write at least 10.000 words for Blood Maiden or Salandrine,

Hoping it’ll be a good month! You can find my 2020 writing bucket list here.

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