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My March Writing Goals

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So I looked back on my writing goals from February during my last writing update (Writing Progress Update: February W9) and though there’s some goals which I didn’t meet, there was still enough done to keep me satisfied with my progress. Plus, it’s a whole new month, meaning new opportunities!

This month will be the last before I go back to working outside the house again, so let’s see if I can make the best of things in terms of wordcounts. I’ve got some deadlines as well.

Which means the WIPs I will be focussing on this month will of course be SALANDRINE, because it’s my main novel and I need to finish this; FOUND BY A WANDERING HEART (previously LEGEND OF SAVANNA) for Fiyah, SALT, because it’s the next in line of almost being finished and if I make it I’ll maybe send it in to WotF contest, and my short story for Our Own Skies. Once I know it’ll be under 5000 words I’ll share more about the project.

I’ve also got some blog posts planned which you can read about in my last writing progress update (I linked it at the top).

So last month my total wordcount was 23611. I’m probably won’t be able to top that, but passing 10.000 words would be nice.

So in short, my writing goals are:

  • Write something for the Writers of the future contest
  • Write something to submit to Yiyah lit magazine next month
  • Write something for Kaia Sønderby’s Our Own Skies anthology
  • Finish final draft for FOUND BY A WANDERING HEART
  • Finish first draft for SALT.
  • Finish a presentable version of SALT for CPs.
  • Work on SALANDRINE
  • Write at least 10.000 words

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