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My May Writing Goals

A new month has started and that means reflecting on how I did on last month’s goals and setting new ones for the upcoming weeks. I wrote about how writing went this April in my last writing update this week, and turns out I was spot on on guessing how much I’d be able to write this month.

Now let’s see about May.

Picture with type writer, roses, cup of coffee, papers, pencil, a succulent, camera, glasses, and wooden lettered blocks in a circle on top a table to the left and a white square with text to the right saying “Monthly writing goals” and “Elisa Winther”.

Let’s see, looks like I’ll still have a more than average amount of social obligations this month so I’ll keep expectations low again. This month I’ll focus on:

In terms of milestones I expect to finish a final draft for my first novelette (IN GOOD COMPANY), which also means I’d have written the following representation: ADD, asexual, bi/pan, and polyamorous. I did mention these before, but since it was only an early draft I didn’t unpack any rewards yet.

Another milestone I hope to reach is submitting stories at least 10 times. Only three to go.

Looks like it’ll be a nice month in terms of writing acchievements 🙂

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