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My October Writing Goals

Summer has come to an end, Halloween is coming, and oh my god this book is actually coming together, isn’t it? As someone with ADD finishing stuff feels like the final boss in every game. No scrap that, in every FF where there’s also another final final boss and a final final final version of the boss to come kick my ass. So remains a bit of will I won’t I despite me progressing pretty steadily towards getting this book DONE!

This month’s wordcount report: 27.600 words!

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Looking back on September’s goals

For the month of September I’d set out to:

  • Finish the fourth draft for MEET ME HALFWAY;
  • write at least 10.000 words for WIPs, blogs, and/or worldbuilding;
  • Find beta-readers or critique partners for MEET ME HALFWAY;

I completed all of these! The fourth draft took a little more work than expected, but I managed. It’s got a brand new ending and an epilogue which introduces book 2.

I’ve also got two lovely writer buddies who want to be a CP for this book and am so so looking forward to reading their thoughts on this! One of them is the one who inspired me to write more for these characters after reading my novelette. Thanks Brooke!!! <3

My October Writing Goals

Now October is the start of a new phaze for me. I’ll be starting the newsletter for MEET ME HALFWAY which also kickstarts its journey to publication! I will be self-pubbing this, so lots of decisions and things to do.

Aside from that, work should be slowing down a bit, meaning more time for writing and reading for CPs. I’d like to make a lot of progress before Nov and Dec starts since those months will be busy due to holidays, birthdays and I’m not sure how BlackFace season over here will go.

So here’s my plans for October:

  • Start swapping chapters with CPs;
  • Write the next newsletter;
  • Brainstorm book 2;

Hoping it’ll be a good month! You can find my 2019 writing bucket list here.

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