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My September Writing Goals

Another month has gone by. One with heatwaves, explosive lightning storms and busy ass working schedules, but I survived. Things went well in terms of writing as well. Feel pretty accomplished as I recently finished the third draft for MEET ME HALFWAY and started editing for its fourth.

My total wordcount for this month ended up being about 34.500, almost all for the above mentioned WIP.

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Looking back on August’s goals

For the month of August I’d set out to:

  • add new scenes to SALANDRINE; which I, in fact, should have given up on, because I haven’t even as much as opened it’s file this month.
  • finish first ACT of third draft for the prequel to IN GOOD COMPANY; which I did and way way more!
  • write at least 10.000 words for WIPs, blogs, and/or worldbuilding, which I also did!

Which means I met 2/3 of my goals. I’m very happy!

My September Writing Goals

For the month of August I’d like to:

  • Finish the fourth draft for MEET ME HALFWAY;
  • write at least 10.000 words for WIPs, blogs, and/or worldbuilding.
  • Find beta-readers or critique partners for MEET ME HALFWAY;

Hoping it’ll be a good month! You can find my 2019 writing bucket list here.

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