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Hi everyone, with the end of the year I wanted to share with you all my year in books! It’ll be a post, maybe a couple more on what I read this past year, and mainly the books I loved the most. I’m thinking about doing some highlights as well, for indie authors and thought I’d use this category to talk about books I’m reading more often. About tropes I love and which tropes can get booted for all I care. I even made a new image for it xD

An image of a woman reading a book on a sofa in front of a bookcase, with below a black bar with text saying: “Elisa Winther’s Reading List. All my reading goals, favourite tropes, and best books of the year.”

Though I’m reading a lot more since I started Scribd (bless audiobooks, omg), I’m still not a “read by the hundreds” kind of reader, so… bear with me, but I’m thinking about making little lists of books which I’m looking forward to, which might fit a theme (like Halloween), and books I loved I might add with a short review.

If you have some reading challenges to be excited about or would really like to recommend a book that’s just THE BEST EVER, feel free to contact me. Let’s be excited about books together! I can link to your own website/blog and give your own written books a shoutout!

Next up: my year in books!

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