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Like many writers, I have so many story ideas it’s hard to keep track of them. Now that I have a website though, I thought I could just add them here. Instead of stashing them in Word-files on my computer, I can make use of them to practice my writing skills, marketing skills, and maybe grow my audience a little. See what you guys think of my concepts and which you’ll like to become a WIP.

So from now on I’ll be adding stories here bit by bit. I’ll write a blurb and a synopsis, of which I’ll only share the first (but it’s great practice). Once I have a first chapter or scene, I’ll share it on my website as well as on Wattpad. I’ll add the links to the pages so you can read them for free. If you do, please leave a comment, send me some feedback, and share it with anyone who you think will like it as well.

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