Newsletter polls for February

Starting this year I want to make my newsletters a little more interactive. Though the changes won’t be big, since I will keep sharing WIP lines, trivia, personal updates and the like, I think it’d be fun if you readers get to chime in in what you’d like to read in the next newsletter.

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To help make this easier for you I made polls you can fill in to the right or bottom of your screen depending on if you’re on a desktop or your phone. For more information what the polls are about, continue reading below.

Apart from filling in polls you can also always leave a comment below or message me on Twitter (@winthernovels).

What trivia would you like to learn?

In this January’s newsletter, I talk about a bit of worldbuilding. There’s a lot more that I can tell you though, but I’m not sure where to start. What do you think? What trivia would you like to read about next newsletter?

  • Elementals and environmentalism
  • Effects of magic on disability and vice-versa
  • Please explain the new book title

What short story should I work on?

As I wrote in my 2020 writing bucket list I want to write more short stories this year. This month I’ll try to finish editing that chapter 1 from my Cursed Enemies to Lovers WIP. It won’t be rewritten (yet) and I have all the comments and feedback I need to get it ready and polished enough to start submitting it.

I know it’s not a story I started drafting this month or even this year, but I figured it’d be a good start for this challenge. And I figured, as I’m writing this month’s newsletter that it’d be cool to share this with you. You lovely readers get to pick what I’ll be working on next, and will be one of the firsts I’ll offer scene parts or even a link to the fic to read it. Feedback would be awesome here too! No matter how short.

So… What short story should I work in this February? You’ll find short descriptions of the fics below and the poll to the right (on desktop, on your phone I guess it’ll be below?)

Option 1: the prequel

It’s what’s become of my former chapter 1 for this WIP after brainstorming how to expand it. Instead of about 2300 words, I expect it to need the full 7500 something of a short story. Hopefully, it’ll stay at that length. It’s outlined and really for drafting though.

Here’s the pitch:

After escaping from the one who cursed her, Sagani needs to figure out what she’s willing to do to survive. When lives are at stake, she needs to decide what she’s willing to sacrifice: her life, or her innocence.

Option 2: the side story

This WIP includes elementals, and one of them is a dog called Ashe the MCs meet in the old abandoned ruins of a temple during the opening of the novel. The side story is about getting the old ruins back into a home again for the elementals that live there. Still needs brainstorming and to be plotted.

Option 3: masquerade

A cute romantic short story with a magical masquerade ball, possibly faeries, regaining confidence, and fluffy moments. Needs brainstorming and to be outlined.

Make your pick (in the poll to the right)!

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