PNR collection

Since I’m developing myself not only as a speculative fiction author, but also as a romance author, I’m planning on collecting my romance short stories and flash fics into one book. On this page, I’ll list all my finished works which will be included into a collection.

Are you a fan of both fantasy and romance, then check out this future collection of stories. The collection will contain mostly light-hearted stories, featuring supernatural protagonists and/or love interests such as shapeshifters and witches, f/f couples, interracial couples, and more. Heat levels will be anywhere between sweet and steamy.

As for what connects all these stories apart form the genre is that all will be set in the same world as my novel Salandrine, though not the same countries.

Current wordcount: 14974/30000

Future included works:

Thundering Hearts, 400 words, I’m guessing dark fiction with a splash of surrealism and romance, completed |

(read it here: website)

Tempted, 1500 words, paranormal romance, completed | Ashe is searching, but for what she’s unsure. Newly free from her captors, she roams the city for answers to questions she wasn’t aware she had.

(read it here: wattpad)

Enchantress, 3600 words, paranormal romance, completed |

Love Potion, 1500 words, paranormal romance, completed | Love’s an elusive thing, or perhaps the truest, hardest to grasp magic in the world. Love potions never work. Luella knows that, but for her, she’s willing to try. 

Let Loose, 6500 words (WIP), fantasy romance, drafting |

Herbalist (Working title), 2000 words (WIP), paranormal romance, drafting |

Demonology (Working title), 30.000 words (WIP), paranormal romance, drafting | Has become too long to be included in the collection, since it will probably be a lot longer than this once it’s finished.





If you need content warnings or have any questions, send them to or find me on twitter (@winthernovels).