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Progress Update W22: Blood Maiden and Splitting Novels

There it is again, the question if I need to split Blood Maiden or not. It’s not the first time I ponder this, and that little fact gives the question all the more weight.

So far the book seems to still work even though I’ve been keeping out info. Deciding what lore to include and what to leave out, when to add exposition and how, these are all important things to consider when writing fantasy. With all the ideas that plague my mind, I’ve been considering and reconsidering a lot.

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Blood Maiden wasn’t supposed to play out in two different countries. I knew the problems surrounding the massive amount of introduction and lore I’d need to pull it off, and still I’d gone this route. I don’t know how I thought this could seriously work out.

As much as it wasn’t that much of a disaster I’ve been a bit sad about how I’ve needed to cut out lore to the point of neglecting worldbuilding. On top of that, it felt like too much plot happening. Not just in one plotline, but like there were consecutive ones. Too much was happening and the story suffered for it.

So now I’m trying to fix that. I’m trying to make this already decent book into the best it can be. Good work takes time. It’s taking me a couple of tries, but it feels worth it. I love these characters. I love the worldbuilding. I love all it can be.

So I’m sure about it now. I’m splitting Blood Maiden and revisiting the outline. The plot needs some fixing since if I just split it, I’d miss important plot points. It’s probably also a sign that there was something wrong with the plot structure to begin with.

Looks like my writer’s block is coming to an end with some exciting new changes to get to going again. I’m not done considering things and figuring out how to fix this WIP but that’s a regular part of writing I guess. Looking forward to seeing this book be complete. Still a ways to go, but it feels like I’m not that far off anymore. It’s a good feeling.

So.. Wish me luck!

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