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Reading challenge: OCTOBER

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I’m starting a monthly reading challenge to encourage me to read and review more, and you’re welcome to join me! The challenge is open to suggestions and can be adjusted to your reading habits. Our monthly reading challenge for October: read a scary book (horror, dark fantasy, noir, etc).


I’m thinking about starting a monthly reading goal. I have my writing goals, I do the GoodReads reading challenge, but I still feel like I’m not reading as much as I should. There’s more than enough for me on my bookshelves, both physical and digital. Starting a monthly writing challenge might actually get me to reach for them more often and write more reviews.

Here’s what I’ve got in mind for this. I’ll make a little list of traits like “stand-alone”, “written by an indie author”, etc. as well as a minimum amount of books I need to read. For now, ticking off multiple boxes with one book is allowed. If the challenge turns out to be too easy, the rule will fall and only one box a book will be allowed.

So I’m starting with my reading goals for OCTOBER.

Challenge: read at least 2 books, which meet at least 3 of the following requirements:

  • Read a book by an indie author
  • Read a book which has less than 50 reviews and leave a review*
  • Read a book by a marginalized author
  • Read a novella
  • Read a book by an author or genre you’ve never read before
  • MONTLY CHALLENGE: read a scary book (horror, dark fantasy, noir, etc).

* Reviews don’t have to be long. Even one line reviews will help the writer out, so if you loved the book, show your appreciation by leaving one!


My reading list for October

I’m planning to read the following books in order to meet my goals:

  1. Throne of the Crescent Moon by Saladin Ahmed. I’d heard a lot about how amazing this writer is, but not as much as you’d expect. Seriously his worldbuilding skills are beyond what I generally see in fantasy and his characters are life-like. Go check this Middle-Eastern inspired gem full of djinns ghuls and magic.
  2. Escape by L.S. O’Dea (Goodreads Author) a YA dark fantasy book for the monthly challenge.


Join me!

Want to join me in this challenge? Comment with your reading list and share your progress on social media. Be sure to tag me! (@winthernovels on Twitter and GoodReads, @elisawinther on Tumblr and Facebook). Reviewed a book? Let me know and I’ll share it by the end of the month (links to your blog or website are fine too)!

If the challenge is too easy for you, feel free to add new requirements or add on to the minimum amount of books to read.

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