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Elevator pitch for “Salandrine”

My current main project is coming closer to completion and so I figured she’d really need a new elevator pitch. For those who’re unaware, Salandrine is a high fantasy novel (yes my baby’s grown from her short story beginnings!) with science fiction elements, and a romance subplot (f/f), featuring a Black Autistic main character.

Which do you like best? Feel free to leave a comment!


Pushed aside due to her disability, Salandrine had always accepted she’d never be the princess her parents had wished her to be. But no more. Circumstances force her out of the shadow of her brother, where she finally discovers she has a role to play.


Mnaluria’s filled with magic and dragons, but believing Salandrine’s capable of her princessly responsibilities apparantly crosses a line. Yet when the whole world is coming down around her she can’t afford to wish for a miracle. What she needs is much harder: learning to be confident in herself again.


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