Special temporary offer on editing services for €0.01 p/w!

I’ve wanted to start working as a developmental editor for some time now, and have decided to not only make it official, I’d also like to start with a bang. This offer goes to the first three authors only!

Developmental/content editing

I offer in depth feedback on the following subjects:

  • Your story structure, pacing
  • Your story’s narrative, consistency, plot holes
  • Your world-building, immersion
  • Your character development and complexity,
  • Your characters’ dialogue, relationships, interactions

Sensitivity reading

The editing will also include sensitivity reading for characters who are Black, Black biracial, Autistic, Asexual, Bi/pan, and/or genderqueer.

I offer in depth feedback on the following subjects:

  • Quality of representation
  • Existence of any potentially harmful tropes and stereotypes

If there are heavy themes like racism, ableism, etc. present which play an active part in the plot it will cost €0.015 p/w in total. If you are not sure if your work is heavy or not, contact me so we can discuss it.


Send an email to if you want to take me up on my offer or have any questions concerning my editing services.

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