The Blood Maiden’s Covenant

Image of a red moon with text: “The Blood Maiden’s Covenant by Elisa Winther”.

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Book Description

THE BLOOD MAIDEN’S COVENANT started out as a short story, but has now become its own full-length novel, and possibly even a series! It starts with our two protagonists Sagani and Mael crossing paths in an old but not so abandoned ruins of a temple, as Mael helps smuggle refugees out the country, with bounty hunters hot on their heels.

Trying to lift hir curse, Sagani needs more than rare and illegal books to find the answers ze needs.

Getting his family safely out of a province growing more and more dangerous under the threat of civil war, Mael needs a powerful witch to tip the scales of power.

If only it was easy to need someone…

Image of a person smeared with blood on the bottom half of her face and bloodied hands on her throat. A text box beside it reads “Dark fantasy & romance. Blood magic, war, betrayal, refuge, survival”.

Genre & Content

THE BLOOD MAIDEN’S COVENANT is an adult dark fantasy with horror and romance elements. The story starts as one of our protagonists Mael aids a group of refugees to flee the northern country of Snofjevit’s from abuse and oppression. Tensions increase with the threat of civil war looming between the witch covens and a resurgence of templars.

This book deals with themes and subjects such as impending war, trauma, oppression, betrayal, deceit, and all of that mixed in with the fantastical. War magic wreaks havoc across the frontlines, blood magic heals as well as kills, and curses haunt people both on and off the battlefields.

Though this story deals with the oppression of the magically inclined, the power dynamics at play are a bit more complex than they may seem at first. Don’t misunderstand this as a “both sides are equally at fault” situation though. It gets murky and complicated.

Aside from its darker sides, this book also includes a romantic element and strong bonds of friendship. Sagani and Mael have a complicated relationship; when the end is in sight, will it be a symbiotic bond, or will one betray the other?

Image of pumpkins, lit candles and hands holding a skull. A box with text at the side reads: “Rich worldbuilding. Dual POV, immersive fantasy, magic.”


Like all my longer works THE BLOOD MAIDEN’S COVENANT includes rich worldbuilding. An immersive fantasy, written from a Third Person Limited Point of View via Sagani and Mael, you get to experience a world of magic and mayhem. The book takes place in two countries, starting the rainforests of Saevria, ending in the snowy tundras and mountain ranges of Snofjevit.

I’m passionate about building my worlds. Each place has its own history, customs and traditions, belief systems, and more. People approach magic in different ways, laws are placed to regulate this expansive source of power, and while in some places magic is normal, in others it’s strictly regulated.

Image of a face, eyes closed, orange clothe and grains around them. A text box at the side reads: “Diverse cast. Queer, neurodivergent, disabled representation.”

Diversity & Representation

As I mentioned, this book has a diverse group of characters. The book has two POV characters; Sagani and Mael. Sagani is a Black Autistic (gender)queer hermit with a dark secret and Mael is a mixed race (Black/white) visually and mobility impaired rebel from the north who’s sick and tired of feeling powerless. They’re surrounded by a colorful and lively bunch of side characters who help them on their personal quests.

As Sagani strives to lift hir curse and Mael starts on his plan to fight his family free, they’ll find they need each other for more than shared warmth during cold times.

Something I’d like to highlight is that this book includes explicit on page ownvoices representation (Black, Autistic and (gender)queer).