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Time for some self-care

My spoons, are GONE. Meaning it’s time to take a few steps back and go at my own pace. So I’m planning some extra self-care in this month.

There’s several things I’m thinking of. Thinking about more and better teas, like some Ti Kuan Yin Oolong, which turns out to be so so good. Like green tea but softer and flowery, naturally mild sweetness. I love it and totally worth it. Some Sweet Dreams tea by Yogi for in the evenings, which is caffeine-free and relaxing because of the honeybush, valerian root and rooibos. Maybe mix things up with some chamomile and honey or Pickwick’s blueberry muffin tea.

Great way to stay hydrated, which I’ll keep track of with the Plant Nanny app. I’d been using it a while ago and reinstalled it recently. Each time I take a glass to drink it waters my plant. Can assign drinking alarms through it if you want. It’s a fun and cute way to stay hydrated.

More reading, like Jet Lupin’s Nasu for some paranormal m/m romance with vampires, Stefanie Simpson’s Prelude to Hope for some steamy contemporary f/m romance, Being Hospitable by Meka James an f/f steamy romance, And Shall Machine’s Surrender by Benjanun Sriduangkaew which is a lgbtq+ adult scifi I’ve been looking forward to. There’s Ceillie Simpkiss’s A Knight to remember for some lgbtq+ romantic fantasy… I’m seeing a trend here xD

Anyway, these are all ebooks I’m looking forward to reading. Probably won’t get to read them all. I’ve also got a subscription for Scribd which I use for listening to audiobooks. Some of the audiobooks I listen for my tbr are The tiger at midnight by Swati Teerdhala, an epic fantasy inspired by indian history and hindu mythology, Gideon the ninth by Tamsyn Muir for some science fantasy which I believe is also lgbtq+ and has necromancy, and Beverly Jenkins’ Rebel: Women who dare for some awesome romance.

I’ll be off work for three weeks as well, so I’ll have lots of time to relax. Time and hopefully the energy for walks, taking pictures again maybe, do some pampering like hair masks and paint my nails, lots of time for introspection because gods know I have a lot on my mind, stuff I’ve talked about and stuff I haven’t. Looking forward to it and how I’ll come out on the other end.

Since my twitter hiatus has begun, I’ll do my updates from here. They won’t be frequent, or maybe I’ll only post one at the end, but I know this social media break will be good for me. Some time away from drama and triggers.

Here’s to this break being what I need!

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