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Chat with me about sensitivity reading on #UKRomChat on the 21st of JAN!

Good news folks! I’ve been invited for #UKRomChat* to talk about sensitivity reading, and I’m really looking forward to it! A little nervous, but in a good way, haha 😀 The chat will take place from 8 to 9 PM (GMT) on the 21st.

* #UKRomChat is a weekly chat on twitter for romance writers hosted by Jeanna Louise Skinner, Eilidh K. Lawrence and Lucy Mitchell (at @UKRomChat).

Chat with me about sensitivity reading on #UKRomChat on the 21st of JAN!
Image caption: solar eclipse with “Elisa Winther speculative fiction author” written in its center and a right side panel in orange with the text “#UKRomChat Elisa Winther 21.01.19 8-9pm GMT Speculative Fiction & Paranormal Romance Author; Editor & Sensitivity Reader”. 

Which leads me to checking my website and discovering I need to be more clear about what I do. Yes, this is my author website, but it’d be good to add some links and mention that I’m more than that.

Author, editor & sensitivity reader

I’ve blogged and spoken about it before but I’d like to properly introduce you all to my editing and sensitivity reading services.

Presenting Rich World Edits!

Visit the site for any details relating to my services, which will be expanded a bit in the near future. Contact me for your editing and sensitivity reading needs! I’m a good fit for SSF writers, especially if you need developmental editing, and for those writing black, biracial, queer, and disabled characters, amongst other marginalized identities. Follow the link for more details!

I’ll also be blogging from my new website. I won’t quite this blog, but this will be focused on my own writing and writing experiences, while on Rich World Edits I will be blogging about self-editing, about representation in media, and I’m thinking about maybe adding book, movie and/or tv series reviews.

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