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What 2019 will bring

Earlier this year I made a career switch which had been hard at first, but very rewarding in the long run. No more working myself to death, no more being underappreciated, no more being taken for granted. It’s only for a half year each year though, so I’ve got to find a way to fill the other half with other work.

That’s given me the idea to freelance again. I want to be a developmental editor. I want to do consults for writers for their worldbuilding and do sensitivity readings. But I’m also reminded of an old idea I completely forgot about. Patreon.

I want to use 2019 to prepare myself for Patreon starting 2020. If everything goes smoothly I’ll start earlier. I’ll start with sharing short stories on there. Not sure if it’ll be a two-weekly or monthly thing, or that I’ll just share when finished. The extra rewards I’ll have to think about too. I could do early Patreon releases of my books and share world-building secrets. 

My goals for 2019

  • Prepare to set up a Patreon account in 2020 by working on my branding, my platform, and building my audience.
  • Finish drafting my novel Salandrine.
  • Write an average of one story a month (finishing at least a second draft).

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