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Writing Progress Update: 06/12/2017

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So here I am with another status update! It’s been a productive 1,5 weeks with lots of editing and I even started writing again. More regularly I mean. Up to chapter 19 has been edited (by the way, I’ve changed and split some of the chapters during my last editing round so that’s why the number is higher), and up to 12 is now available on betabooks. I’ve also rewritten chapters 20 and 21, but now I also had to redo my outlines for the next couple of chapters.

Here’s a quote from chapter 19:

“They knelt down by their crumbled bodies, their limbs wrung in unnatural positions. Eyes open, terror colouring their irises the black of their pupils. They checked for their pulses, one after the other, and with every silent chest, the moment grew heavier.”

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