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Writing Progress Update: 17/09/2017

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Salandrine and other stories

Our girl Salandrine is on the move and promises scenes that’ll tug on your heart-strings. Want to be at the end of those strings? Send an email to to become a beta-reader!


Work in Progress #1: Salandrine

I have added a couple of chapters since the last writing update. So far I’ve got 28.228 words for the first 15 chapters. The dialogue between Salandrine and advisor Oba was giving me some trouble, but I managed in the end. Salandrine and Amal have finally come to the point where they’re leaving the palace and city completely. The next couple of chapters will be a big turning point for Salandrine and I’ll expect some tough scenes to come along with them. Aside from those though, there’ll be some fun and heart-warming ones as well.

So in the upcoming week will be a challenge. I’ll need to edit chapters 11 to 15 so I can share them with my critique partners. Aside from editing, I’ll need to do some extra worldbuilding for the setting outside of the city area and work on some new characters that’ll appear in chapter 16 and 17.

Interested in Salandrine? I’m now accepting new beta-readers for this book. Chapters will be available starting the end of November on Send an email to if you’d like to become a beta-reader.


Work in Progress #2: Harvest of Fears

I’ve got a new project to introduce. Harvest of Fears is a side story to Salandrine, depicting an event that happened before Salandrine (the book) starts. It will be a horror and high fantasy short story featuring a trans boy who works in a “food factory”. There’s lots of solarpunk elements in the setting, beautiful, colorful and with lots of advanced technology, but things go horribly wrong as the story progresses. So far I’m 1879 words into a first draft.

This is a story I’m writing for a submission call by FIYAH magazine and will have a sequel which I’m planning to write for the same magazine, but a different issue.


Works in progress: flash fiction pieces

I’ve started working on some flash fiction on the side. They’re short and easy to write (or supposed to be). Two of them are in their final stages and I’m submitting them for publication as well.


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