Progress Update, Writing

Writing Progress Update

Working on Salandrine has been a whole new endeavor for me. I’ve accepted that it’d grown into a larger project than intended and that I needed to focus on finishing it before other WIPs. It’s been hard though. As I learn more about my writing process and what I need to put out good work, I learn that I kind of need side projects. Sometimes the words just don’t flow and I get overwhelmed by the worldbuilding needed for Salandrine to work. In order to not completely lose myself in writer’s block, I need another project. Something easy. Not to complicated plotting, low worldbuilding or one which I don’t need to research and develop (because it’s already been done for a previous book), and something fun! Something that’ll be okay to just word-vomit why way through.

So I did that. First, there was a sort of pirate romance which just… I’m never looking back to that, but it was fun while it lasted xD Then there’s my Enchanted WIP which just, surprised me! The story has a lot of potential regarding themes. It’s got nice characters. I like the worldbuilding (it takes place in Amal’s home country, the LI from Salandrine). In it’s most basic sense it’s about a biracial (Black/white) girl’s journey of self-discovery. It’s about (toxic) friendships, about expression, and sexuality.

Now I’ve got another short story with the working title Hellfire. It started out as horror flash fiction, then as I wrote a follow-up scene, it turned into a paranormal romance short story. I know, I’m seeing the connection too. Perhaps I need to make a fantasy romance story collection xD

Refocusing my attention on Salandrine

Ahh, but I digress. I was talking about Salandrine. I’ve had a nice break from my main WIP but now it’s time to return and finish it. There are some chapters that need revisioning (26-30) before I can finally start on the last quarter of the book. Camp NaNoWriMo is starting this April, and I’ve set my goal on 10.000 words. It won’t be enough to reach the end of the manuscript, but it should be doable. I won’t promise I won’t have any side projects, but I do promise I won’t be revising or editing any of them before Salandrine’s done. There’s still a lot that needs to be done and the book deserves my undivided attention.

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