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Writing Progress Update: 20/07/2017

‎WIP#01 Salandrine

  • Wordcount: 24.400
  • Status: editing first draft

Woooooow what a couple of weeks these have been! I’m exhausted, my head hurts, but boy am I excited about the process I made. Especially the last few days have been amazing and I’d love to share a some of it with you all!

So, I’ve joined in on the Twitter events #PitchWars and #WIPJoy. I’m less active with the latter and behind on both, but will update them soon. As well as writing has been going, I’ve gotten stuck again as of last week.

Thanks to the #PitchWatch event I’ve found some critique partners to exchange chapters with. I’ve received their feedback on my first chapter and I’m so happy with the positive reactions!

Because of getting stuck again in my writing I’ve worked on some other stories. The idea is that I’ll share a scene or first chapter on here and Wattpad for free, and if enough people like it I’ll think about making the story my next WIP after Salandrine. The scenes and chapters should be complete stories of their own (flash fic or short story at most, 500-2000 words).

For the upcoming weeks I’ll work on the second half of Salandrine and finish preparing my kickstarter.

Click the read more for links to the twitter events threads.

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