Progress Update

Writing Progress Update: 23/08/2017

Work in Progress #1: Salandrine (high fantasy novella)

Wordcount: 21.371 words for the first 11 chapters. 31.687 words for the complete manuscript so far without the deleted content, which would add 13.838 words to the total wordcount (but doesn’t count the scenes I haven’t deleted kept).

By now I’ve accepted that Writer’s Block is a frequent visitor, but I’m not letting it get to me. I’ve found my ways to deal with the beast and am getting more successful at taming it. I’m glad to say that during those times where I couldn’t continue writing Salandrine, that I continued working on my worldbuilding and characters instead.

But I’ve not been stuck in my writing for an entire month! I’ve had the help of my wonderful new critique partners to help me polish my manuscript as well as keep me motivated to produce the next chapters. I’ve been rewriting and editing, completing Salandrine up to chapter 10 and am excited for my plans for the chapters yet to come!

Over time I’ve really been able to bring out the science bits of the worldbuilding. Gadgets used by characters, technology present in the palace, and in the upcoming chapter in the country’s food production system. It’s really starting to feel like a science fantasy story as I had intended, with the arcanepunk and solarpunk elements I’d promised.

Goals for September

During the upcoming month I’ll be tweaking my outlines, rewriting what had been written and adding new scenes and chapters to the second half of Salandrine. I don’t expect to have finished the whole manuscript by the end of September, but I’m hoping to get pretty close.

I’m hoping you’ll be as excited as me to see this project finished and ready for publishing! If you have any questions about the story or worldbuilding, would like to see aesthetics boards on pinterest, or anything else, feel free to contact me!

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