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Writing Progress Update: 23/10/2017

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Had another productive week! Things have been going great write-wise, with another chapter added to Salandrine (chapter 18) and writing and outlining other WIPs. I needed to map out some things in order to continue with Salandrine, because it’s connected to another couple of stories. This made me revisit my original outlines and just write out all there was to write for the complete story. As far as I can say at this moment, I’ve got two short stories which happen before Salandrine, and two novels after. And as if that’s not enough, I had another idea for a short story about a mage with ADD struggling to keep her spells organized in her grimoire.

This week I wrote almost 2000 words for Salandrine (total wordcount: 34 762) and 2200 words for a short story which can be seen as a prologue to the whole series. I’ll need to decide on a name, I guess.


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