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Writing Progress Update: 26/11/2017

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I’ve been quite absent lately and haven’t written a writing progress update in a while. Because of that, I thought I’d make a more, general update.

The last couple of months of the year, especially November and December have been very demanding for me, for several years now. It’s the birthdays, holidays, the social responsibilities which come with those days, and the sensory overload that causes me to be overwhelmed frequently. On top of that my workload has increased since I started working as a lab technician again next to my freelancing job. Keeping track of my writing schedule hasn’t been my highest priority if I’m completely honest and it won’t be again until January. Surviving this period comes first.

So that’s a bit more general about me. I haven’t completely neglected my writing though. I’m editing Salandrine and sharing the chapters with my beta-readers. Currently, I’m editing chapter 10, with up to 9 being available on BetaBooks. This December I’ll return to writing the rest and sharing the new chapters with my critique partners, before editing them again and sharing those on BetaBooks as well.

Aside from Salandrine I’ve also written a couple of scenes for short stories and outlining other WIPs to keep me at least engaged with my writing when my brain was too out of it for Salandrine #writingwithADD. Still seems like I really need to edit my WIPs while I write them, but I hope I’ll eventually find the switch to just proofreading. Honestly, all I need is to get the story fresh in my mind again, so it should do the trick just fine. Anyways, I’ve got a lesbian paranormal romance, adult supernatural fantasy with mysterious fae and dealing with heartbreak and loss, and I merged an old shelved WIP with a new idea for possibly a new fantasy series. As always, I’m filled with lots of ideas and plans, but am struggling to bring them all to fruition. I’m guessing that’s a common problem among us writers. I’ll get better at this, I promise 🙂 But first things first. Salandrine needs to be finished this January!

On a random note, this is some awesome music to write to.


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