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Writing Progress Update: 28/09/2017

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It’s been a tough week and a half for me. I’ve not been feeling well, swamped with work, feeling exhausted and overwhelmed. My WIPs received a little less attention than intended. I did however rewrite two chapters for Salandrine and figured out the plot to another story concept I had.

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Work in Progress #1: Salandrine

Uhuh, something happened and it will be affecting Salandrine from that moment on. There were several possibilities for how the story would progress after this. I thought I’d made my choice, but I was starting to doubt it because I’d got another new idea. Good thing CPs are handy with stuff like that! So I asked them, explained everything and their help strengthened my conviction. I rewrote chapter 11 and 12 and added 3.337 words.

Total wordcount: 24.367


Story Concept: Unnamed

A little while ago I had a new idea involving a kickass autistic protagonist, faeries, and magic. There was a lot going on with people being assholes to autistic people and I just… I wanted to add some positivity to the world. Something for the autistic community to take their mind off people talking over us, telling us we shouldn’t exist, that we’re to be pitied or inspiration stories for others only, and many other heinous things thrown at our communities doorsteps.

I had the idea to write something uplifting. Something that might make people laugh, that would be relatable, that would be a fun and light read. I didn’t have a plot yet though, until today. It’s going to be about an Autistic girl and a non-binary faerie on a quest for the moon faerie, with themes of self-discovery and friendship. It will probably be MG or early YA.


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