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Writing Progress Update: 30/10/2017

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Can’t really speak to the quality of the new chapter drafts, but I can say that I’ve had a couple of good writing days. Well, word-vomiting days, to be more accurate, but it’s something xD … I’ve added 4305 words in total as I worked on chapters 20 to 24 and revisited the outline for chapters 21 up to the end of the book, which will be about 33 chapters.

Aside from writing I’ve also been working on improving my magic system, which at this point, honestly, has undergone so many changes, but has kept its core ideas. I do believe this has only worked to the worldbuilding’s benefit. There’s plenty of details I won’t be sharing pre-publication but would love to talk about extensively once Salandrine has reached some of its audience. What I do want to share is the underlying principles which the system has been built with, which are string theory and alchemy. Both are still quite elusive at this point but are getting sufficiently less confusing to use. I’m going for a more scientific approach to the magic system, combining fantasy and scifi elements, which also is a perfect fit for the story, considering it’s science fantasy by genre.

With the recent progress made in the written chapters, despite the extremely trying times Salandrine is going through, she has received some silver lining in her story in meeting a geeky bubbly new friend, kisses from her love interest, and more fathering than she’d had during the last 1,5 decade or so. There is one last battle that I’ve been struggling to choreograph, and will probably need some time to brainstorm and visualize before settling on how the battle plays out.

This week I wrote almost 4305 words for Salandrine (total wordcount: 42 190) … which is weird because it doesn’t add up with my previous total wordcount.

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