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Writing Progress Update: April W18

I kind of disappeared halfway April. Sorry about that! Starting a new job combined with social obligations made it hard to write, but hopefully I’ll be able to add some more blogs again in the upcoming weeks. I’ve planned to have at least two quiet weeks aside from work for the upcoming time.

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The month went as I’d expected. Even a little better! In my April Goals post I set a couple of goals.


I hoped I’d write at least one chapter for SALANDRINE, which I managed to do! I wrote a couple of new scenes and edited a couple of chapters I already had.

Their relationship’s developing, but I’m trying not to rush them into anything. I need to get this balance right so the relationship comes at the right timing for the both of them. On the other side, I love slowburn but I also don’t want to make it frustratingly slow lol xD We’ll see how I did from CPs and beta-readers.

Romance isn’t the only thing happening in the WIP of course. During these chapters I also get to see a bit more of everyday life in Mnaluria outside of the palance. Teahouses, cactus gardens, wyvern ranches, and of course the threat of them being found out bad things happening for spoilery reasons. A new breakthrough in the main plot should be somewhere in those scenes as well.


I also hoped to revise BLOODLUST, for which I managed to rewrite the first chapter and brainstormed the new plot. Lots of changes for this one, so it’ll need a lot more work than I formerly expected.

This WIP just doesn’t know what it wants to be. It started out as a steamy romance between a blood mage and a vampire, made a hard turn into dark fantasy where there was a new angle of surviving in a dystopian city, and now whispers of rebellion and civil war. It’s going to be a lot longer than I’d planned and has me reimagining a cyberpunk setting that strays from the old stereotypical aesthetics. It’s also going to explore intimacy a bit more from an asexual perspective.


Aside from writing I worked on my worldbuilding again. Added the history to Amal’s home country (from SALANDRINE) and some of the culture. It was so exciting to see all the pieces I’d already created fit together with the new bits I imagined. I’d also worked the islands to the east for my DEMONOLOGY series which I’ll be working on after SALANDRINE.

In total, I wrote about 6000 words for WIPs and almost 7500 for the worldbuilding while I wait on feedback for three other WIPs.

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