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Writing Progress Update: August W35

These past weeks I’ve worked my butt off, with results! MEET ME HALFWAY the first prequel to IN GOOD COMPANY (a.k.a. SALT) has a finished third draft now! I wrote about it in my previous writing progress update where I first mentioned it’s title. I can now start on my final editing round before sending it off to beta-readers (and of course there will be more editing afterwards).

Aside from my WIP I’ve also been working on some worldbuilding for said WIP as well as some blogging, leading up to a nice overal wordcount for this month: about 34.500 words.

Image of some writing by pen with underneath text: writing progress update.

During this next round of edits I will clean the draft up and salvage some of my deleted scenes and snippets. A lot has changed lately so I have a lot to straighten out.

I’ll also be beafing up Amias’ arcs to flesh her out and expand on her backstory. Shouldn’t be forgetting her brother either. As I do that, I’ll also improve the portrayal of Khalida’s asexuality and flesh out the impact of ADD on how she experiences intimacy.

That all should be another heap of work, but it’ll be worth it.

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