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Writing progress update: BloodLust

I’ve been wanting to write a f/f paranormal romance with vampires for some time, but didn’t want to do it with regular vampire lore. Every now and then I’d get some bits and pieces of inspiration for a concept, but nothing felt right. Usually they also changed from vampire to succubus, so… yeah. Anyway, one thing why those ideas didn’t work out was because I couldn’t figure out how to place them in the shared universe I’m using for most of my works.

Until now.

This week I finally found my angle. It takes place in a country and city I haven’t written in before, but one I’m planning to use for a cyberpunk-ish novel series and for a novelette about bottling up emotions not being such a good idea. There’s already some worldbuilding to work with and the setting and aesthetics fit this new story.

Writing this WIP went so fluently I finished it in a matter of days. Not even a week. It’s about 4500 words long, but the romance aspects’ gotten a little complicated. I’m contemplating them being aromantic, or just figuring their relationship out. Is it more of an “out of the box” type of relationship, is it friends with benefits, or are they in a sort of one-night stand kind of situation where they end up sticking together. I’m not sure yet. We’ll have to see.

Anyways. This WIP is called BloodLust and features a “vampire” and a blood mage, both just making the best of their situations where they’re trying to survive poverty in a system that sees them as little more than vermin. Yeah, that’s the cyberpunk setting being an ass. There’s still a lot of worldbuilding to add to the story, like fleshing out the setting, the characters, their relationship (or whatever it is xD), and the magic system, but most of the worldbuilding itself has already been done.

I’ll probably do a read-through in the upcoming days to add some comments so when I start on the second draft I don’t forget any important details, but will be leaving the actually (re-)writing to later. It’s not a high priority story at the moment.

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