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Writing progress update: Burning Souls

During the last week of June I wrote the first draft of “Burning Souls”, and I’m proud to say that yesterday I finished it! The idea came to me, and the drafting went smoothly, but I had mixed feelings about the subject of the piece. Not that I’ve not written about heavier themes before, but this one takes on a sinister turn. It’ll need some content warnings if I ever publish this (I’m planning on adding it to my horror and dark fantasy collection).

Am putting this away for now, until I make some final edits once I have everything I need for the collection.

Here’s a couple of lines from “Burning Souls”:

Sound explodes from behind me as he crashes the door half off its hinges, but I ignore it. I ignore it all, and take the candle in my hand, the lighter in the other. Every motion takes a breath more than it used to. My eyes follow my own actions, almost in slow motion, as I light the candle.

I lit it the way I always did. Lit for the memory of each bit of me that died with every verbal lashing. Every tear that tore through my heart and withered my soul. Every candle a last hope that it will purify me and turn out to be the sun to dawn me from this nightmare.



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