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Writing progress update: December W51

During my last vacation I had a sort of…epiphany concerning my writing process. Which reminds me, I promised to blog about my process, so that’s coming somewhere in 2020. Already have some of it written down but it just turned out a lot bigger than just the one post.

Image of some writing by pen with underneath text: writing progress update.

Anyway, epiphany. Although I had the bigger picture of my Cursed Enemies to Lovers WIP down and ready in my head, I hadn’t really gone through it in detail. So when I started writing, the story blossomed and the details changed the story. Things changed as I mentioned in the earlier progress update post.

As I was on a writing break during our vacation I jotted down the notes to a new project, but didn’t actually do any drafting. Because of that I spent more time thinking up more of the story, including the details. I figured out I needed to do that each time I brainstormed a new story.

Cursed Enemies to Lovers WIP

Returning to this Cursed enemies to lovers WIP, with the previously mentioned changes also came a change in plot. I won’t spoiler, but it’s the plotpoint which gets both main characters to go north to the frozen tundra’s of Snofjevit. Yes, this story partially takes place outside of previously used settings. Which means, lots of worldbuilding left to be done on top of everything else.

Now, this plotpoint changed back to what I actually wanted but couldn’t figure out how to do. But it’s like a domino effect, one point changes and lots follow its example. It’s an opportunity though. Since the story changed from a romance first to a fantasy first, the plot should reflect that, but the worldbuilding should as well. I shouldn’t be scared to dig into this bit of worldbuilding either, because I was a bit, given it’s got some heavy themes I want to explore. I’ll go into more detail once I’m further with this WIP.

What I am willing to talk about is that since the relationship is no longer the main focus I’m giving more space to the elementals, with the nature magic and the environmental themes. The secret coven of witches who are the main characters allies and one side of the civil war up north, which I have to figure out how exactly to approach for this WIP. Plus the magic system needs to be mapped out properly, since I’ve several types; blood magic, elemental magic, alchemy, shape-shifting, necromancy, and magical contracts including curses.

So right now I’m reimagining the story from start to finish. Write it all down afterwards. Especially since right now I can’t write for sh*t. I’m sick with the flu and my body hates me. We’ll see how long it takes for me to get better enough.

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