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Writing progress update: February W9

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So, looking back on the month as our cat skiddaddles around the living room like he’s on fire (he’s in a playful mood), glass of wine in and freshly baked brownie, I’m actually pretty content. It’s been one thing after the other this month in the publishing world. Yet again. One of these days I will also address things. Only when I can speak on them. For now, I’m going to focus on how my writing has been these past weeks.

This month I wrote a total of 23 days, 23.239 words, with about 6700 of that for blog posts, almost 3800 on worldbuilding, and 12.700 on WIPs. Which also means I passed my 50.000 words written milestone in 2019! Aside from writing I’ve also submitted an older story (CHAOS WITCH) to a magazine. Exciting!

Active WIPs

I’m pretty happy with the progress I made on SALANDRINE. There was some updating and brainstorming needed on the plot and outline on the upcoming chapters. I added some new chapters and can now continue with a clearer idea on where to go from here.

As a side project I’m working on BLOODLUST, which started out as a steamy paranormal romance between a vampire and a bloodmage, but has now grown into a cyberpunk rebellion story with some steamy scenes. It’s also going to be bit longer. Probably a novelette.

WIPs that I’ve shelved for now

So there were several stories I brainstormed and some I even started writing this month because of upcoming deadlines and like I should have known that didn’t work out. One of those is my first real scifi story which takes place on a space port monitoring Earth’s events after an apocalypse pushed humanity into outer space. It’s a battle against ableist systems. The other is a story about exploring (a)sexuality and relationships with an biracial and Autistic protagonist. Not sure if it’ll be contemporary or in a fantasy setting, but I’ll have plenty of time to figure that out.

My new blog series

But as you may have heard already I’m also starting a new bunch of blog series on here about mental health, starting this March with self-care. From now on I will also every now and then blog about current things happening in the writing community or just things which are important to me and I want to speak on.

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